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Rail Freight

Advantages of the railway transportation:

  • Low unit cost.
    The longer distance, the lower cost per product unit.

  • Loading capacity.
    It is possible to deliver a product in large volume under one transportation.

  • Multi-purpose of railway train set.
    Wide latitude of heavy and oversize cargo transportation.

  • Weather independence.
    Cargo delivery is possible in all weathers.

Rail freight is sometimes the only way for transportation of goods to hard-to-reach regions. One of the advantages is that this type of transportation is regular and does not depend on weather conditions, which is necessary for the delivery of goods on time. Transportation of any volume of cargo is possible, including custom vehicles, construction equipment and others. Our experts will develop a suitable route and deliver your goods to the address without any damage. We also implement all the necessary documentation. Our company provides secure transportation of your cargo along the entire route. Having received all the necessary information from you about the specificity of the cargo, we will develop a storage system and take into account all the minor nuances. Despite the complexity of rail freight, “Heritus Logistics & Trading” professional team will complete the task set and leave you satisfied with the work performed.