Services - Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Advantages of the sea transportation:

  • Low costs of transport.
    Sea is the lowest-cost transport mode for long distance transportations.

  • Geographic accessibility.
    Intercontinental shipping is possible.

  • Multi-purpose.
    Sea transport allows to ship any kind of cargo, including heavy and bulk cargo.

  • Reliability.
    Loading and unloading of goods are carried out in the port under the strict control. Design of containers secures complete safety of goods during the transportation process.

  • Ease of loading-unloading operations.
    Standardized intermodal containers facilitate the loading and unloading operations.

The main distinguishing feature is that goods of any volume, as well as highly dangerous goods can be transported via sea freight. And practically, no spoilage and theft of goods are being observed, it is the most important moment for any customer carrying his/her goods over long distances. “Heritus Logistics & Trading” has available all the necessary devices, containers and other equipment for the reliability and timeliness of the transportation. Our company provides a number of additional services within the sea freight, such as freighting, port and warehouse services, cargo insurance. We provide ferries across the Black Sea, Caspian and others. Cargo handling and warehousing will be carried out at the ports. There are containers for specific cargoes that will ensure safety during transportation. You can also track where your cargo is at any time. We will provide a reliable route and timely delivery to any part of the world. You need just select a delivery option: